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Follow my tour of the California Missions as it takes place. As each Mission is visited I'll be adding a complete description, a pictorial tour, maps to help find the Mission, and other useful information as appropriate. Information about trip plans is here. Only those Missions with the camera icon behind them (Camera Icon) are filled in [a half camera (HalfCamera) indicates some additional information is posted--usually history; sometimes pictures taken in prior visits]. Finally, the circular arrow (360) indicates a 360-degree panorama inside the Church (and sometimes other spots) has been added to that section of the site. Missions are listed North to South in sequence. The few Sub-missions (Asistencias) that still have portions intact are listed below the Mission they served. U.S. Highway 101 generally links all the Missions and is typically known as El Camino Real.

Note: Full cameras presently indicate coverage of a mission as a "standard tourist." More will be added after subsequent visits.

California Mission Map

For each Mission there will be a tour following the general path most tourists would take through the Mission. Follow along via the Icon icons or jump to related pages by following the Icon Icon icons.

General information about the Mission system and related discussions is available here.

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MissionTour exists to document the California Missions as they exist today. A modest history is given to help understand how the buildings developed over time. Please keep in mind that the Missions were part of a general Spanish expansion into California over 200 years ago. Where this expansion touched native Indians, lives were changed forever. Some of these changes were voluntary; some forced. Some were good; others bad or very bad. MissionTour leaves the moral judgment of these actions to you. It is not the purpose of this site to glorify or condemn; only to present the Missions as they exist today. If interested, there is a discussion of this topic in the San Francisco Mission museum. You can read the text here.

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