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Mission Cemetery

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Tour Map

Exit the Church on the opposite side from where you entered by a door about midway down the side of the Church. You will exit to the cemetery which contains the remains of over 4,000 Native Americans and Europeans.

Cemetery panorama
Picture taken 11:20am 7 June 2004

Directly in front of you when you exit the Chruch is a large wooden cross. The cemetery stretches both to the left and to the right. Walk to the wall and look down. You will be looking at the original El Camino Real and the San Andreas Earthquake Fault at the bottom of the small hill.
Cross in cemetery
Picture taken 11:20am 7 June 2004
Explore the cemetery. You will find any number of gravesites. Ascencion Solorzano, the last pure-blooded Native of the Mission is buried here.
Front part of cemetery
Picture taken 11:20am 7 June 2004
Down side of Church
Picture taken 11:20am 7 June 2004

If you are a fan of Alfred Hitchcock movies be certain to look through the bars on the wooden door leading to the stairs to the bell tower. Hitchcock used these stairs for the climax of Vertigo, his classic 1958 movie starring James Stewart and Kim Novak. Stewart was filmed climbing up a portion of the steps as he chased Novak up the tower. Of course, Hollywood added a few landings to make the tower look much taller than it is.

When done, exit the cemetery into the Church and then proceed out the gift shop entrance.

Door into Church
Picture taken 11:20am 7 June 2004


That's the end of the tour. Thank you. Please visit the other missions.

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