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Tour Map

Now we'll take a look at the workshop. This tour happened on one of the Mission Life Days so docents in costume were stationed at various areas to show visitors how various tasks were performed during the mission period.

Candles were very important during the mission era. All night lighting and even daytime indoor lighting was via candlelight. So, a supply of candles was a necessity.

Melting wax
Picture taken
12:00noon 21 Jul 2001

In front of the workshop building this was brought to life by the docents who were melting tallow, dipping repeatedly to build up wax on a wick, and then hanging the candles up to dry.

Note how safety was a concern. The candle wax is melted by heating it in a pot of boiling water, not directly over a flame where it could ignite. Fire was always a concern during the mission era.

Candles drying
Picture taken
21 Jul 2001

The workshop building is really a combination of workshop space and barrack space. Work was performed here and soldiers lived here.

Picture taken 12:05pm 21 Jul 2001

In a mission with a quadrangle the workshops will often open to the outside as well as open to an interior courtyard. Since La Purísima isn't built in the shape of a quadrangle but, instead, a straight line what would have been an interior courtyard was instead built as an enclosed patio with lower walls as seen here. An interior overhang provided shade and helped cool the workshops.

Workshop patio wall
Picture taken 2:20pm 21 Jul 2001

Interior workshop corridor
Picture taken 12:40pm 21 Jul 2001

Exploration of the workshops and interior courtyard can be done more or less at random. For this tour we'll start in the courtyard and then visit the barracks and workshops. Normally, the courtyard has static displays of various things like ovens, a grape press, etc. The day I toured it was a Mission Life Day and docents were active baking bread, making soap, and making tortillas. You'll see those activities here.

Find a doorway that goes through and start in the courtyard...

Baking bread, making tortillas, making soap & tools on display...Trail
Or take a detour, start near the church, and look through the...

Soldier barracks, leather/carpentry/weaving shops...Icon

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