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Tour Map

The monastery is where the padres lived (usually two were assigned to each mission). In addition to the padre's rooms, the monastery here contained the main meeting room, a rather large chapel (which served as the main church after that structure was undermined by water runoff), and the Mission office.

The sacristy behind the chapel has been turned into a museum which you should make a point of visiting.

This is the view of the monastery heading "up" the map from the workshop. Hanging from the front walkway is an old bell (no history given).

Monastery outside
Picture taken 2:15pm 21 Jul 2001

Monastery bell
Picture taken 12:55pm 21 Jul 2001

If you walk down the length of the building, about half way be certain to turn to the right and take a look at the garden. Through the foliage you'll see the garden fountain.

Fountain from monastery
Picture taken 2:10pm 21 Jul 2001

From the other end of the monastery, looking back, you can see the length of the patio area and down the back of the building.

Front of monastery
Picture taken 2:10pm 21 Jul 2001

Back of monastery
Picture taken 1:15pm 21 Jul 2001

While you're walking along the outside of the building, don't forget to stop and look up. Since this Mission is a relatively complete restoration you'll see how the mission roofs were constructed. Over the enclosed areas of the building note that an initial layer of reeds is put down with tiles added on top. Because the patio area did not have to worry as much about leaks, that portion of the roof simply has slats with tiles on top.

Roof reeds and tiles
Picture taken 1:20pm 21 Jul 2001

Roof slats and tiles
Picture taken 1:20pm 21 Jul 2001

Now it's time to take a look inside the monastery building...Title

Or, if you're at the end of the building you might want to take a look at the kitchen (the small building behind the monastery) first...Icon

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