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Monastery Interior

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The monastery is where the padres lived and administered the Mission. The rooms here are set up as they might have been during the mission period. To show just how complete the restoration process for the Mission was, one of the rooms in the monastery was left unfinished. Here you can see details of how the old and new mission materials were used in the reconstruction.

Unfinished room
Picture taken 1:10pm 21 Jul 2001

Central to the administrative functions of the Mission is La Sala, the main room for the Mission. This is the only room in the Mission with a fireplace and the room was used to entertain and feed visitors. Even in this secular room, however, the religious influence continues as in the religious decorations on the walls and in a niche in the wall.

La Sala
Picture taken 1:10pm 21 Jul 2001

Statue in La Sala niche
Picture taken 1:10pm 21 Jul 2001

Do explore the rooms behind La Sala. They demonstrate just how complete the reconstruction of the Mission was. One of them houses what passed for indoor plumbing in the mission era...a three-holer! And, behind that, down a hallway is the room where wine was stored.

Picture taken 1:10pm 21 Jul 2001

Wine vats
Picture taken 1:10pm 21 Jul 2001

On each side of La Sala are the padre's rooms. There were typically two padres assigned to a mission and they often lived close to the main room.

In these rooms you can see what tends to be a universal display at all the missions: a typical padre's sleeping area.

Padre bed
Picture taken 1:10pm 21 Jul 2001

For the purposes of presentation I'm going to skip over the chapel now. There will be a whole page dedicated to it next.

At the end of the monastery building is a display that shows what the Mission office might have looked like. This is where the padres would have recorded the business of the Mission in their journals. Here they would also have written the contracts for sale of Mission trade activity and other business activities.

Mission office
Picture taken 1:15pm 21 Jul 2001

Now, let's skip back and tour the chapel in the monastery...Title

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