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Area #5 above is the Padre Luis Jayme Museum. In the museum are a number of displays and pictures representing the history of the Mission. One interesting display on one wall is a replica of the proclamation that President Abraham Lincoln signed giving some of the Mission land back to the Church. I've highlighted the president's signature for you in the inset.

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Picture taken 11:50am 23 Jul 2002

While small, the museum has a nice collection of items from the Mission and mission era. This picture, for example, is a combination of two different pictures of a large display case. It shows vestments, a desk, various polychrome statues and other items used during services.

Picture taken 11:50am 23 Jul 2002

Other displays include examples of Mission music, an old plow used to till the fields, pottery and a display that highlights how the water system worked for the Mission.

Picture taken 11:50am 23 Jul 2002
Picture taken 11:50am 23 Jul 2002
Water culvert
Picture taken 11:50am 23 Jul 2002
Picture taken 11:50am 23 Jul 2002

Restoration and historical pictures are also part of the museum display (I've put them onto the history page as they fit better there).

A display of carved models of all the mission fronts is also in the museum. You can see some of the pictures of those throughout this Web site on the introductory page for the missions I have not yet visited. The model pictures are replaced with real pictures after I visit.

Now, let's go back outside into the quadrangle Trail


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