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For the moment, the only map I have covers the current Mission.

Tour Map

The rooms on the left are a senior center, a residence, and the parish resource center. At the back is a youth center and garage. The area behind the church is the rectory. There is a garden and parish gathering center with BBQ pit in the back (green area) and a patio/garden with fountain in the front (red area). The garden, gift shop/museum, and church are the main tourist areas. Mission Plaza, in front of the Mission, is what used to be Monterey Street. It was closed and turned into a pedestrian mall and is a cultural center for the city. There are often events scheduled there; expect to find a crowd there most any time you arrive. The kids particularly like the bear fountain in front of the Mission (I had to wait some time and still had to crop some to get a picture without anyone in it[smile]).

Bear fountain
Picture taken 2:25pm 8 Jul 2001

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