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Tour Map

As you walk around the lush garden area be certain to look down as well as around. Even the bricks on the walkway carry designs.

Cross in bricks
Picture taken 3:05pm 8 Jul 2001

While the area is small, there are a number of things to view back in the garden. Look for the small fountain, a statue of Saint Francis of Assisi in a niche on a side wall, and what appears to be an old kiln or beehive oven displayed in the garden.

Picture taken 1:15pm 8 Jul 2001

Picture taken 1:15pm 8 Jul 2001

Kiln or behive oven
Picture taken 1:15pm 8 Jul 2001

If the day is hot, you can find some shade (likely just the way the padre's did) under the grape arbor.

Grape arbor
Picture taken 3:10pm 8 Jul 2001

That concludes the tour of the garden area. If you missed it, you may have to go back out front at the base of the stairs from the plaza to see the landmark sign...


Landmark plaque
Picture taken 2:20pm 8 Jul 2001

which reads...

Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa

A Spanish mission founded by Fray Junipero Serra, O.F.M. first President of the California Missions. This was the fifth in a chain of 21 missions stretching from San Diego to Sonoma. Built by the Chumash Indians living in the area, its combination of belfry and vestibule is unique among California missions. In 1846 John C. Frémont and his California Battalion quartered here while engaged in the war with Mexico.

California Registered Historical Landmark No. 325

Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with the California Historical Landmarks Advisory Committee, the San Luis Obispo County Historical Society, and the Native Sons and Daughters of the Golden West, Parlors No. 290 and No. 108. May 15, 1966.


That's the end of the tour. Thank you. Please visit the other missions, and don't forget to visit the Santa Margarita de Cortona Asistencia.

For a Flash video of this Mission and other resources see The California Mission Resource Center site.

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