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Mission San Luis Rey de Francia

In Brief

Founded: 13 June 1798 by Padre Fermin Francisco de Lasuén
Named for: Louis IX, King of France (1215-1270)
Number in Series: 18th
Indian Name: Tacayme
Brand: San Luis Rey Brand


date: Item.


Padre Peyri


1802: First chapel construction.

1811: Quadrangle construction. Prosperity. (through 1815)

1815: san Antonio de Pala asistencia established.

1893: Reconstruction begins (used as seminary).



Picture taken 11:40am 22 Jul 2002


Picture taken 11:40am 22 Jul 2002


Picture taken 11:40am 22 Jul 2002



Father OKeefe
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Rededication Mass
Picture taken 11:40am 22 Jul 2002




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Holding area for random notes:


1937 Engineering report:

Date of erection: Foundation of present church was laid in 1811, building completed in 1815. By 1829 a dome over the crossing had been added and wall and ceiling decorations completed. Written reports show additions to the sacristy and church to have been made in 1932.

Architect: Indians and soldiers under direction of Padre Antonio Peyri.

Materials: Field stone foundation laid probably in lime mortar. Walls of adobe, though much burned brick was used for the pilasters, moldings, the belfry, dome over the mortuary chapel, the altars and arches, all of which were plastered. Roof is of wood construction tile covered. Restoration work has been carried on since 1893.

Additional data: San Luis Rey de Francia was founded in 1798 and became the 18th in the chain of 21 established in California. As with the other Missions the general plan was much the same, the church, the Padres quarters, shops, store houses, grainery etc., planned around a large open court but in this case upon a larger scale and more pretentious than any of the others except possibly that at Capistrano. Only the church, a certain number of cloister brick arches and the ruins of a few walls now remain. Repairs to the church which was in a much ruined condition, began in 1892 under direction of Father O'Keefe. Church was rededicated in 1893. New Padre quarters and dormitories erected in 1898 have taken the place of structures that fell into ruin in the last half of the 19th century. The dome of the church was rebuilt in 1930 after plans made by Lescher & Mahony, Architects of Tucson, Arizona.


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