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From the cemetery we'll walk across the front of the Mission. In order you'll note the El Camino Real bell for the Mission, one of the bronze stations of the cross that have been placed at various sites around the South California area, and a view into the current retreat area which is the growing place for the first pepper tree planted in California.

El Camino Real was the road that tied the various missions together. That route is celebrated today by a string of bells. The Misison San Luis Rey bell sits just in front of the entrance to the museum.
El Camino Real Bell
Picture taken 12:30pm 22 Jul 2002
Station 4
Picture taken 10:50am 22 Jul 2002

Just across the paved area is a bronze rendition of the Fourth Station of the Cross where Jesus meets his Mother. This is one of some 60 statues placed around South California by the Via Dolorosa Society in order to stimulate thoughtful devotion about the birth of Christianity. The Society encourges you to touch and be touched by these statues.

Proceed now past the main Mission buildings to the entrance to the site of the original large quadrangle (area #5 in the map above). The area was 140x150 feet and was used for various things, including a modified form of bullfighting, a popular Indian sport. In front of you is a portion of the original wall with one standing arch.

Retreat Garden Pan
Picture taken 12:25pm 22 Jul 2002

Through the arch you can see the first (and oldest) pepper tree in the state of California. It was brought to this area from Peru in 1830, planted here, and continues to grow today (with some help from limb supports).

Old arch and pepper tree
Picture taken 12:25pm 22 Jul 2002
First Pepper Tree
Picture taken 12:25pm 22 Jul 2002

Should you need them, bathroom facilities are located in the viewing area here.

Now down to the Barracks and Lavanderia Trail


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