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For the purposes of this page I'm reproducing the map from the map page as it helps establish where things are...

Tourist Map

The inside tour starts just off the gift shop. The first room (#1 on the map) is called St. Michael's Room largely because of the dominating woodcarving of Saint Michael (San Miguel) that dates from 16th century Spain. (Note: I've taken the liberty of eliminating a few distracting background items from the picture.) Hanging on the wall as you exit St. Michael's Room is a crucifix that was on the church altar at one time.

St. Michael woodcarving
Picture taken 1:35pm 22 Apr 2001

Old church cross
Picture taken 1:35pm 22 Apr 2001

Room #2 is termed the Mission Model Room. The dominant feature of this room are two large models of both Mission San Miguel Arcángel and Mission San Antonio de Padua (the picture of this model is in the Mission San Antonio de Padua section of this site).

The models were constructed by inmates of San Quentin as rehabilitation therapy under the supervision of Doctor Leo Stanley from San Miguel. They were first displayed on Treasure Island in 1939.

Scale is about 3/16" to a foot. Materials are scrap including packing boxes, crates, tooth brush handles, etc. The 18,000 hand-laid tiles or made from corrugated paper cartons.

Mission model
Picture taken 1:35pm 22 Apr 2001

Along one walls of the model room are displays of various vestments worn by the padres during services. And, along the far wall is a large wine vat that dates to the 1820's.

Picture taken 1:40pm 22 Apr 2001

Wine vat
Picture taken 1:40pm 22 Apr 2001

Note: After the earthquake that damaged the Church to the point where it was not safe to use, portions of the museum were the first things to be repaired. This room (#2) is now being used as the temporary location of the Church and is where services are held until the actual Church building can be repaired and reopened. You can see the old wine vat in the background behind the altar...

Temporary Church
Picture taken 4:45pm 12 Apr 2008

When you exit this room you are back outside by the central garden.

Let's visit the garden now...Trail

Or, continue on to see how the padre's lived...Icon

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