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Tourist Map

We've now left the model room and entered the garden corridor (#3 on the map).

The corridors that surround the garden are all covered to provide a shaded walk but relatively unobstructed view of the interior garden.

Shaded walk
Picture taken 1:45pm 22 Apr 2001

Interior garden
Picture taken 1:45pm 22 Apr 2001

Along the portion of the walkway tourists are allowed to traverse there are several interesting displays aside from the garden itself.

The narrow walkway directly under the "3" above in the map is really a sheep gate.

Inside the walkway are various displays of items associated with stables.

Sheep gate
Picture taken 1:50pm 22 Apr 2001

Cross in tree
Picture taken
1:45pm 22 Apr 2001

Also displayed on this walkway is a section taken out of a tree that used to be directly on El Camino Real. Note the cross carved into the tree.

Bells are also part of mission life. This small bell is hanging along the walkway...but, heed the warning and don't ring it!

Small bell
Picture taken 1:45pm 22 Apr 2001

Now, let's go back inside and see how the padres lived...Trail

No, let's stay outside and see the front arcade...Icon

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