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Tourist Map

Coming out of map area #7 we enter the mission arcade at the front of the mission. Several displays in the arcade and the garden with its fountain are the main features of this area.

Three pieces of history star in the arcade. Two are bells and the third is a cannon.

Larger bell
Picture taken
2:10pm 22 Apr 2001

Small bell
Picture taken
2:10pm 22 Apr 2001

Picture taken 2:10pm 22 Apr 2001

I do not presently know the origin of the bell on the left. The small bell in the center came from Mexico in 1800. It has a small hole in it. This was a result of the casting process but legend attributes it to gunshots from the San Miguel Bar which occupied part of the mission for awhile (Icon). The cannon is an original brought to the area by the Mexican army for a campaign against Frémont in 1846. It dates from 1697 and originated in Spain. While strolling down the arcade be certain to look out over the cactus garden.

View through arch
Picture taken 2:05pm 22 Apr 2001

One of the features of the garden (and something often photographed--sometimes even representing the mission itself) is the fountain. Despite its popularity and picture appeal the fountain is not original. It is largely made from salvaged burned adobes and was constructed as a replica of the fountain at Mission Santa Bárbara. Two "classic" pictures are shown here...

Mission fountain
Picture taken 2:00pm 22 Apr 2001

Mission behind fountain
Picture taken 2:00pm 22 Apr 2001

Now we're at the church, so let's go in...Trail

Or, let's go around and visit the cemetery...Icon

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