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Museum (cont)

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Continuing through the museum we come to room #5. Here you'll find displays and examples about various mission trades. Skills taught during the mission period included (but are not limited to) candlemaking, pottery, weaving, and ironwork. Shown here is an artist's piece.

Indian art
Picture taken 10:25am 5 Jul 2001

Bishop MorenoRoom #6 is dedicated to Bishop Francisco Garcia Diego y Moreno, the first Bishop of California. The Bishop was born 17 September 1785 in Lagos, Mexico. He became a Franciscan in 1803. He first arrived in California in 1833 but returned to Mexico on official business in 1836. On 27 April 1840 Pope Gregory XVI appointed him bishop of both Californias. He lived at the Mission from 1842 to his death 30 April 1846. He is buried in the church. This room was a portion of his quarters.

Moving into room #7 we see a representation of what a mission kitchen might have looked like. Look at the left wall in particular; this is original adobe.

Picture taken 10:30am 5 Jul 2001

Picture taken 10:30am 5 Jul 2001

The last room in the museum is #8. This is the chapel room. It contains vestments, instruments, music scores and other art. Also in this room is a 20-minute video about the Mission. It's well worth spending the time to view.

Musical score
Picture taken 10:50am 5 Jul 2001

Picture taken 10:50am 5 Jul 2001

The tour continues into the Sacred Garden...Trail

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