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Garden Area

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Tour map
You exit the Mission church close to the altar on the left side of the church. The exit takes you into what was the center of the Mission quadrangle. Today the area is the Mission garden (#4 on the map).

The fist thing you see entering the garden is the fountain (the church is in the background of this photo). It sits in the center of the main garden area with landscaping surrounding it in four large sections. Below is a section filled with various cacti.

Picture taken 2:35pm 3 Apr 2002

Garden fountain
Picture taken 2:15pm 3 Apr 2002

Wander around the garden; it's fairly large and filled with different plants and things to see. Here, for example is a Saint Francis statue in a garden niche. Also shown is a portion of the floor of what used to be the seminary at the Mission. The floor was asphalt and what you see here is part of the original floor.

St. Francis statue
Picture taken 2:30pm 3 Apr 2002
Seminary floor
Picture taken 2:30pm 3 Apr 2002
While this wall presently hides the public restrooms, its construction is much like rock walls in the original Mission.
Garden wall
Picture taken 2:30pm 3 Apr 2002

As you walk around mark the area behind the Mission church. That is the entrance to the cemetery at the side of the church. Make that one of your last stops in the garden.

Back of church
Picture taken 2:30pm 3 Apr 2002

Follow the path you see here into the cemetery...Trail


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