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Tour map
To enter the cemetery navigate to the back of the church. There you'll find a semi-covered walkway that will take you past a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes and into the cemetery (#5 on the map).

Walk to cemetery
Picture taken 2:20pm 3 Apr 2002

The cemetery is fairly small but signs indicate there are approximately 1,700 people buried there. Some headstones are intact and readable; many are not. If you walk up to the front of the cemetery, under the bell tower, you'll see various graves of clergy buried here.

The two pictures here show the view toward the front and the view toward the back of the cemetery.

Cemetery front
Picture taken 2:25pm 3 Apr 2002
Cemetery back
Picture taken 2:25pm 3 Apr 2002

It's worth repeating the tour map here. When you leave the cemetery you'll come back into the garden. Follow the line on the map down to the back arcade of the Mission.

Tour map

Walk away from the church until you come to a door marked as the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. This is not part of the original Mission but is a sacred place open to the public if you care to pray in peace. Understand that in the Catholic religion the Eucharist is Christ personified and this chapel holds the Eucharist in the tabernacle. So, if you go here, please behave accordingly.

Blessed Sacrament chapel
Picture taken 2:40pm 3 Apr 2002

If you choose to visit the chapel, do look around after your meditation. There is a unique cross on one wall, various pictures, and a very nice stained glass window on the back wall.
Chapel cross

Now that you are at peace, exit the chapel, make your way down the arcade and exit via the museum and gift shop.

Back in the front arcade, turn right from the gift shop and walk to the end of the arcade...Trail


Navigation for Mission Santa Inés:

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