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Mission Soledad Exterior

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The present reconstruction of Mission Nuestra Seņora de la Soledad includes the Church and one wing of the original quadrangle; the padre's quarters and administrative center.

Front PanoramaExpand
Picture taken 11:20am 26 Feb 2012

The Church you see now is not sitting in the original position; that is at the opposite end of the quadrangle (to the right in the photo above). The original location will eventually be studied for size and layout so that a more accurate reproduction can later be built.

Mission Soledad OverviewExpand
Picture taken 12:32pm 26 Feb 2012

Picture taken 1:45pm 1 Sep 2003
In 2003, the original Mission bell hung to the left of the Church (as you look at the front door). Today that bell has been moved into the museum for protection and preservation and a smaller bell with a "Mission Inn" logo on it now hangs in its place. Small BellExpand
Picture taken 1:44pm 26 Feb 2012
As you drive up to the Mission toward the parking area, look left and you see a cross. You might wonder why there is a cross in this area. An exhibit in the Museum makes that clear; at one time what is now the parking lot for the Mission was one of the cemetery areas. Parking Lot CrossExpand
Picture taken 12:23pm 26 Feb 2012
Padre quartersExpand
Picture taken 1:50pm 1 Sep 2003
The portion of the padre's quarters closest to the church is now a gift shop and the remainder is set out as a museum. Front WalkwayExpand
Picture taken 12:11pm 26 Feb 2012

Hannon Statue

Serra Statue LocationExpand
Picture taken 12:34pm 26 Feb 2012
The Hannon statue of Blessed Serra is located in a small park across what used to be the parking lot from the Mission under a cross. It's set back into a garden area making it hard to rub the toe for luck. [In 2003 parking was allowed directly in front of the Mission; in 2012 the parking area is off to the side of the Mission Church and the area in front of the Mission is clear.] Blessed SerraExpand
Picture taken 12:35pm 26 Feb 2012

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