Mission Carmel Cemetery

The Cemetery is to the right of the Basilica as you are facing the front of the Basilica. You pass through it on the way to the back of the Church to see the Munras Museum. In particular, note the use of shells to outline the various graves. At the entrance you will also see a cross.

Side of Basilica
Picture taken 11:42am 25 Feb 2012
Cemetery Cross
Picture taken 11:43am 25 Feb 2012

Just a selection of gravesites shown here. There are many to explore. Note that the Mestres family probably lived in the area as one of the Mission Pastors carried that name and a gravesite beside the Church also carries that name.

Mestres Relative
Picture taken 11:44am 25 Feb 2012
Unknown Grave
Picture taken 11:44am 25 Feb 2012
Mestres Grave
Picture taken 11:43am 25 Feb 2012

When you arrive toward the back of the Church be sure to turn around. Looking at the Cemetery from this area provides a different view.

Cemetery Pan
Picture taken 11:47am 25 Feb 2012

Looking Back
Picture taken 11:47am 2012

If you had trouble believing that missions were made out of dirt (adobe), look here at the plants growing out of the side of this Mission where the structure itself provides the soil for them to grow in. Plants on Mission
Picture taken 11:45am 25 Feb 2012
Back Door
Picture taken 11:46am 25 Feb 2012
The back door entry to the Sacristy shows the typical “river of life” design that you see at many other missions.

A statue of Mary is found close to the door shown just above. A “Red Hot Poker” plant can be seen just next to the statue. These plants are beautiful when in bloom.

Mary Statue
Picture taken 11:48am 25 Feb 2012

Path Behind Church
Picture taken 11:46am 25 Feb 2012
Now, continue on behind the Basilica where you will find a small adobe holding artifacts from the Munras family.