Mission La Purísima First Location

There is not much left of the original mission in Lompoc; but, what is there should be seen if you want to do a complete tour of the missions. The original mission location is about five miles from the current mission, at the south end of Lompoc. From the current mission go straight across Purisima […]

Mission La Purísima Kitchen

The kitchen is a small building behind the monastery. As you come up to it examine the roof as it gives one of the best looks at how mission roofs were actually constructed during the mission era. Basically, logs of the correct size were placed on top of the adobe walls, These were covered by […]

Mission La Purísima Chapel

The chapel in the monastery will give you a sense of déjà vu when you enter it. As mentioned before, the chapel became the main church for the Mission after the latter was undermined by water running off the hill. When rebuilt, the church was modeled after the chapel; so the two look quite similar […]

Mission La Purísima Blacksmith

Look at the map. If you’ve been moving bottom to top you have just finished a tour of the kitchen which places you close to the top of the map. But, the map just covers the major tourist area; there is much more beyond.Walk away from the buildings and you’ll encounter a vegetable garden, pig […]

Mission La Purísima Courtyard

Out in the workshop courtyard during Mission Life Day you’ll find many activities performed as they would have during the 1800’s. Bread Making At most missions you’ll see dome-shaped ovens. During Mission Life Day here you see how these were actually used. First, the oven must be heated. This is done by lighting a fire […]

Mission La Purísima Village and Garden

On the North side of the garden a small Indian village has been reconstructed. Here you can see an actual example of the tule huts that the Chumash used as homes. Picture taken 1:30pm 21 Jul 2001 During Mission Life Days the docents occupy the village and demonstrate various Indian crafts. Seen here is a […]

Mission La Purísima Church

Next we’ll explore the interior of the church. This is a copy of what the original church might have looked like. The original was abandoned after water runoff from the hill behind it undercut the structure. At that time the fixtures were moved to the chapel in the monastery which was then used as the […]

Mission La Purísima Workshop Interior

The main entrance to the soldier’s barracks is at the end of the workshop building closest to the church. You can also enter from the sides through the Corporal’s quarters if that is easier for you. Barracks Each mission had a few soldiers stationed at the mission to provide protection and escort duty (contrary to […]

Mission La Purísima Workshop

Now we’ll take a look at the workshop. This tour happened on one of the Mission Life Days so docents in costume were stationed at various areas to show visitors how various tasks were performed during the mission period. Candles were very important during the mission era. All night lighting and even daytime indoor lighting […]

Mission La Purísima Map

Mission La Purísima Concepción sits on over 900 acres as part of the State Park System for California. There are buildings and walking trails throughout the area. I have no map of the entire area but in the Mission museum there is a diorama that shows the entire area in model form… Picture taken 11:35pm […]