Mission San Fernando Church

Below you should see a rotating panorama of the complete inside of the Mission Church. You should be able to click on the panorama to stop the rotation at any point and then drag the mouse left, right, up, or down to see any specific area. If you have a mouse wheel, it should be […]

Mission San Fernando History

History In Brief Founded: 8 September 1797 by Padre Fermin Francisco de Lasuén Named for: St. Ferdinand, King of Spain (1217-1252) Number in Series: 17th Indian Name: Pashecgna Brand:  Detail 5 August 1769: After an arduous journey from Mexico to San Diego and after helping to start the mission in San Diego, Don Gaspár de […]

Mission San Fernando Convento

Completed in 1822, the Convento was thirteen years in construction. It is also the largest two-story adobe mission building in California and the only original building at this mission. Note: I would normally put a picture of the arches here but it was too hot on the day I visited in 2015 to stay very […]

Mission San Fernando Map

When you enter the Gift Shop, after parking and pay a nominal fee for entry to the mission proper, you will be given a map that looks just like this (click on the map for a larger view)… The parking area is in the lower right. You enter the mission proper through the gift shop. […]

Mission San Fernando Cemetery

The San Fernando Mission Cemetery is the resting place for thousands of Indians. Don’t confuse it with the near-by Catholic Cemetery. You get to the cemetery by exiting the Church on the middle left side (facing the altar) door. Look left and you can see a cross with a dedication. The plaque reads… In memory […]

Mission San Fernando Rey de España

Mission San Fernando Rey de España was founded 8 September 1797 (17th in order) by Padre Fermin Francisco de Lasuén. The mission is named for St. Ferdinand, King of Spain (1217-1252). The Indian name was Pashecgna. A variety of problems, including the 1812 earthquakes and the digging up of the church floor by gold prospectors […]

Mission San Fernando Bob Hope Memorial

The Bob Hope Memorial Garden is an outdoor garden and meditation area where the Hope family is buried. As you exit the left side of the Church (facing the altar), cross the small cemetery area and the Memorial Garden will be in front of you. A statue of Our Lady of Hope sits in a […]

Mission San Fernando Exterior

My initial visit to the mission was unplanned and short. Also, the day was overcast with a light mist at times. The pictures I did take are therefore quite flat and will generally be replaced on a later visit when, hopefully, the sun will be bright in the sky. When you exit from the gift […]