Mission San Luis Rey Museum Page 1

Before you enter the museum…a note, and confession. I usually just glance at the maps given to tourists at the start of a tour but always ask the docent on duty if flash photography is allowed. In the case of this Mission, the docent indicated it was OK everywhere except for the original King Louis […]

Mission San Luis Rey Cemetery

You exit the Madonna Chapel into the cemetery (area #4 on the map above). As you can see here in the panorama the grounds are extensive. Picture taken 12:10pm 22 Jul 2002 There are a number of things you can see in the cemetery if you care to wander around. The various monuments document the […]

Mission San Luis Rey Museum Page 2

Picture taken 11:10am 22 Jul 2002 Some of the contents of the largest museum room are shown here. There are a number of polychrome statues in this room; all dating to the mission era. Two I found particularly striking were the statue of Christ scourged and the Immaculate Conception. The first dates to the 1700s […]

Along the Front of Mission San Luis Rey

From the cemetery we’ll walk across the front of the Mission. In order you’ll note the El Camino Real bell for the Mission, one of the bronze stations of the cross that have been placed at various sites around the South California area, and a view into the current retreat area which is the growing […]

Mission San Luis Rey Barracks and Lavanderia

The tour is about over. From the front area of the Mission we’ll walk down the hill to see the ruins of the military barracks and the Indian lavanderia. As you walk down the hill, turn around periodically; you’ll find an excellent view of the Mission with the fountain in front… Picture taken 12:40pm 22 […]

Mission San Luis Rey Inner Garden

You exit the museum into Peyri Court (area #2 above). The court is an inner garden dedicated to Padre Antonio Peyri who guided the development of the Mission from founding through secularization. Picture taken 10:55am 22 Jul 2002 Picture taken 11:20am 22 Jul 2002 Picture taken 11:20am 22 Jul 2002 As you work your way […]

Mission San Luis Rey Maps

Maps and models of the Mission abound in and around Mission San Luis Rey. Here is a copy of one of the early description maps for the Mission, as originally laid out. It’s pretty much the “standard” quadrangle form with the center open area. The church, even as originally designed, had the three altar form […]

San Antonio de Pala Asistencia

Picture taken 1:50pm 22 Jul 2002 San Antonio de Pala was a sub-mission of Mission San Luis Rey de Francia. It was established in 1816 by Padre Antonio Peyri and is the only surviving Asistencia in the mission system and the only mission-related structure still ministering to an Indian population. The Asistencia was named in […]

Mission San Luis Rey de Francia

Picture taken 10:45am 22 Jul 2002 Mission San Luis Rey de Francia was founded 13 June 1798 (18th in order) by Padre Fermin Francisco de Lasuén. The mission is named for Louis IX, King of France (1215-1270). Because of its large size the mission has been nicknamed “King of the Missions.” The Indian name for […]

Las Flores Asistencia

Picture taken 10:50am 24 Jul 2002 The State of California considers Las Flores a mission asistencia, however it rarely appears as such in histories. I will defer to the state with reservation. There is little left to see at the site; basically just a portion of a wall and the landmark sign. The wall is […]