Mission San Luis Rey Church

You enter the Mission Church from Peyri Court (area #3 above). From the back, the long view of the Church looks very much like any other Church in the mission chain. Up close, however, you will find striking differences; largely in the area of the altar. Picture taken 11:40am 22 Jul 2002 First, however, look […]

Mission San Luis Rey History

In Brief Founded: 13 June 1798 by Padre Fermin Francisco de Lasuén Named for: Louis IX, King of France (1215-1270) Number in Series: 18th Indian Name: Tacayme Brand:  Detail date: Item.     1802: First chapel construction. 1811: Quadrangle construction. Prosperity. (through 1815) 1815: san Antonio de Pala asistencia established. 1893: Reconstruction begins (used as seminary). […]

Mission San Luis Rey Madonna Chapel

You will exit the Church through the Madonna Chapel, opposite the door where you entered the Church from the Peyri Court. The Madonna Chapel was originally the mortuary chapel. One of the two stairways you see leads to a view over the altar while the other leads into the altar. This was built in case […]