Mission San Miguel Arcángel

Picture taken 1:15pm 22 Apr 2001 Mission San Miguel Arcángel was founded 25 July 1797 (16th in order) by Padre Fermin Francisco de Lasuén. The mission is named for Saint Michael the Archangel. The Indian name was Vahiá (Vatica), or Chulam (Cholame). Many of the original decorations and paintings in the mission have survived until […]

Mission San Miguel Entrance

For the purposes of this page I’m reproducing the map from the map page as it helps establish where things are… I’ve arranged the photos to follow a “standard” tour as you would be guided by the self-guided aid given out by the mission. You’ll be moving back and forth between outside and inside during […]

Mission San Miguel Arcade

Coming out of map area #7 we enter the mission arcade at the front of the mission. Several displays in the arcade and the garden with its fountain are the main features of this area. Three pieces of history star in the arcade. Two are bells and the third is a cannon. Picture taken 2:10pm […]

Mission San Miguel Church

The present church started construction in 1816 and finished in 1818. The walls are six feet thick and the church is 144 feet long, 27 feet wide, and 40 feet high. The interior decorations are original and still show bright colors (the pictures are the best I could do with a flash). The ornamentation on […]

Mission San Miguel Cemetery

The cemetery dates from the origin of the mission. The first Indian burial recorded was 17 March 1798. Over 2,000 Indians were buried at the cemetery and associated plots. Padre Joseph Mut who served the parish from 1886 to 1889 is the only priest buried in the cemetery. Shown here is the large cross located […]

Mission San Miguel Museum

For the purposes of this page I’m reproducing the map from the map page as it helps establish where things are… The inside tour starts just off the gift shop. The first room (#1 on the map) is called St. Michael’s Room largely because of the dominating woodcarving of Saint Michael (San Miguel) that dates […]

Mission San Miguel Garden

We’ve now left the model room and entered the garden corridor (#3 on the map). The corridors that surround the garden are all covered to provide a shaded walk but relatively unobstructed view of the interior garden. Picture taken 1:45pm 22 Apr 2001 Picture taken 1:45pm 22 Apr 2001  Along the portion of the walkway […]

Mission San Miguel History

In Brief Founded: 25 July 1797 by Padre Fermin Francisco de Lasuén Named for: Saint Michael the Archangel Number in Series: 16th Indian Name: Vahiá (Vatica) or Chulam (Cholame) Brand:  Detail 1795: The site for Mission San Miguel (Most Glorious Prince of the Celestial Militia, Archangel Saint Michael) was selected. 25 July 1797: This summer was […]

Mission San Miguel Map

The only map I have found so far is the basic tourist map shown here. A more complete mission map will be presented when found. From the parking lot you enter through the guest entrance gate and enter the gift shop. The museum entrance is off the gift shop and a donation is requested. The […]

Mission San Miguel Residence

After visiting the garden it’s time to see the padre’s residence. We start in the kitchen (#4 in the map). The room dates to the 1820’s and the beehive oven is original equipment. Picture taken 1:50pm 22 Apr 2001 The dining room (#5) is reached through a low doorway. It features built-in cabinets. One of […]