Mission San Rafael Parish Church

The San Rafael parish church has become a landmark for the city. While you are at the Mission be sure to step over and see the church; particularly if you like stained glass windows.The statue of the Angel Saint Rafael appears to be blessing the entire city from the hill where the church sits above […]

Mission San Rafael Church Interior

The interior of Mission San Rafael is more modern than Mission-era style. If you did not know this was a Mission you would think it was just a simple parish church upon entering. Below you should see a rotating panorama of the complete inside of the Mission Church. You should be able to click on […]

Mission San Rafael Church Exterior

As pointed out on the history page, the original San Rafael Mission church was completely destroyed after Secularization and a new parish church built on the Mission site. The Mission reconstruction that you see here is basically very much a guess at the original structure and, if you compare this layout with the picture on […]

Mission San Rafael Arcángel

Mission San Rafael Arcángel was founded 14 December 1817 (20th in order) by Padre Vicente de Sarria. The mission is named for Saint Raphael the Archangel. The Indian name was Awániwi (Nanaguami). The mission was originally an asistencia (sub-mission) of San Francisco de Asís and used as a place for the sick of that mission […]

Mission San Rafael History

History In Brief Founded: 14 December 1817 by Padre Vicente de Sarría Named for: Saint Raphael the Archangel Number in Series: 20th Indian Name: Awániwi (Nanaguiani) Brand: Detail 1816-17: Discussions and correspondence took place between Governor Solá and Padre Ramón Abella at Mission San Francisco de Asís. These discussions centered on the high death and sickness […]

Mission San Rafael Museum

For this Mission we’ll start in the gift shop/museum just beyond the Mission church and work down to the Mission church outside and inside and then end up at the parish church. The gift shop and museum are combined into one room at this Mission (there are hopes to expand the museum). While somewhat cramped, […]