Grist and Fulling Mills

In 1820 a Grist Mill was added to the water system for Mission Santa Inés; a Fulling Mill was added in 1821. From the mission the mills’ location is across the agricultural field at the bottom of the hill. Sighting posts at the top of the hill by the mission parking lot align to show […]

Mission Santa Inés

Mission Santa Inés was founded 17 September 1804 (19th in order) by Padre Estévan Tápis. The mission is named for Saint Agnes. The Indian name was Alajulapu. This is the last mission founded in Southern California. Continuous restoration and a beautiful location in the Santa Ynez valley (don’t confuse Santa Ynez with Santa Inés!) make […]

Mission Santa Inés Bicentennial

2004 was the bicentennial year for Mission Santa Inés. I was at the rededication Mass on September 19th and the earlier August 15th Fiesta. A series of lectures, wine parties, dinners, and art shows were held earlier in the year, culminating in the rededication Mass on the 19th of September. There were additional events through […]

Mission Santa Inés Front

We’ll start the tour at the front of the Mission (#1 on the map). This used to be the location of El Camino Real, but today is the parking lot.Well, actually, we’ll start off the right side of the map along Highway 246. There you can get a nice view of the area surrounding the […]

Mission Santa Inés Church

From the museum you enter the main church at the rear (#3 on the map). Like most mission churches, this one is long and narrow with a wood-beam ceiling. The first thing you see across from the museum door, in a niche, is the Mission bapistry. Behind the locked gate is the old baptismal font. […]

Mission Santa Inés Garden Area

You exit the Mission church close to the altar on the left side of the church. The exit takes you into what was the center of the Mission quadrangle. Today the area is the Mission garden (#4 on the map). The fist thing you see entering the garden is the fountain (the church is in […]

Mission Santa Inés Cemetery

To enter the cemetery navigate to the back of the church. There you’ll find an arbor that will take you past a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes and into the cemetery (#5 on the map). Picture taken 2:20pm 3 Apr 2002 The cemetery is fairly small but signs indicate there are approximately 1,700 people […]

Mission Santa Inés Lavenderia

After leaving the main Mission tour and the gift shop, take a walk down the arcade away from the church. You’ll be visiting the garden at the end of the Mission and the Lavenderia (#6 on the map). At the end of the arcade pause for a moment at the “19th arch”. This is what […]

Mission Santa Inés History

In Brief Founded: 17 September 1804 by Padre Estévan Tápis Named for: Saint Agnes Number in Series: 19th Indian Name: Alajulapu Brand:  Detail 1542: Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, a Portuguese navigator employed by Pedro de Alvarado, Governor of Guatemala, discovers the Bay of San Diego, thus becoming the named discoverer of California. He sails north as far […]

Mission Santa Inés Map

Probably the best map of this Mission exists in the museum in the form of a detailed model. Picture taken 1:50pm 3 Apr 2002 The model covers the main Mission quadrangle and shows how it might have looked at the height of the Mission’s lifespan. I’ve taken that model and a outline layout also found […]