Mission San Francisco Solano

Mission San Francisco Solano was founded 4 July 1823 (21st in order) by Padre Jose Altimira. The Mission is named for St. Francis Solano, missionary to the Peruvian Indians. The Indian name was thought to be Sonoma. Now part of the Sonoma State Historic Park, the Mission houses the Jorgensen watercolors of Missions of California. […]

Mission San Francisco Solano Chapel

The chapel you see today was built by General Mariano Vallejo between 1840 and 1841. It replaced the original church which was at the other side (east side) of the Mission (three houses sit there today). Below you should see a rotating panorama of the complete inside of the Mission Church. You should be able […]

Mission San Francisco Solano Exterior

When you are finished with your tour of the main portions of the Mission, go back outside and take a look around. In particular, turn left out the door and go down to that pathway mentioned on the previous page. There you can clearly see some of the roof construction as it might have looked […]

Sonoma Plaza

Sonoma Plaza is an eight-acre National Historic Landmark that is mostly park with many shade trees surrounded by historic buildings and quaint shops. In the middle of the plaza sits Sonoma’s City Hall. Besides being the centerpiece of the town, the plaza was the site of the Bear Flag Revolt. In June 1846, a group […]

Lachryma Montis

Lachryma Montis, the house and estate built by General Mariano G. Vallejo when he returned to Sonoma as a State Senator, is built on a natural spring the Indians called “Chiucuyem” or mountain tears. In respect, the General named the estate Lachryma Montis or “mountain tear” in Latin. When Vallejo’s fortune dwindled in the 1870s […]

Mission San Francisco Solano Courtyard

Exit from the museum into the courtyard. Turn left after going through the door and you will see an area covered over with growth that covers the area where a second half of the building once stood. Look closely at the wall. Those pieces of wood sticking out of the plaster once connected to others. […]

The Sonoma Barracks

The Sonoma Barracks are directly across the street (West) from the Mission. Your admission price to the Mission includes the barracks or, if you purchase an admission at the barracks it will be good at the Mission. The displays in the barracks are mostly directed toward the life of the soldiers but also include some […]

Mission San Francisco Solano Museum

The museum at this Mission is in what is called the “Bell Room.” Originally, this was part of the Padre’s quarters. Construction of this part of the Mission was started in 1824-25. While there are three rooms today, originally there were some 21 rooms in this section of the Mission. There are a number of […]

Mission San Francisco Solano History

In Brief Founded: 4 July 1823 by Padre Jose Altimira Named for: St. Francis Solano, missionary to the Peruvian Indians Number in Series: 21st Indian Name: Thought to be Sonoma Brand: Detail August 1819: One of the last Franciscans educated in Spain, Padre José Altimira arrived in Monterey. He was assigned to Mission San Francisco […]