El Camino Real

The road that linked the missions, pueblos, and presidios in early California was called El Camino Real. While typically called “The King’s Highway” the term “camino real” is more usually used to denote a crude road, almost a trail, used mostly by wagons. Modern day U.S. Highway 101 follows the general route of the original […]

Mission San José History

In Brief Founded: 11 June 1797 by Padre Fermin Francisco de Lasuén Named for: Saint Joseph Number in Series: 14th Indian Name: Oroysom Brand:  Detail 1795: Padre Fermín Francisco de Lasuén, President-General of the missions, finally received word that his request for additional missions was approved. Playing a bit of politics, Padre Lasuén enhanced his plea […]

Mission San José Church Page 1

The Church is a visual delight. Plan on spending awhile if you intend to see all the examples of mission-era art. The interior of the reconstructed Church appears much like it did during the years 1833-1840. As you look at the walls notice that they vary from 4 to 5 feet thick; typical of mission […]

Mission San José 1868 Church

In October 1868 an earthquake destroyed the standing San José Mission church. It was replaced on the site by a Normandy-style parish church. This church served as the parish church until 1965. It looked something like this drawing (the perspective is a bit off but the design is accurate) found in the church as it […]

Mission San José

Picture taken 1:28pm 22 Feb 2012 Mission San José was founded 11 June 1797 (14th in order) by Padre Fermin Francisco de Lasuén. The mission is named for Saint Joseph. The Indian name was Oroysom. The adobe church stood until an earthquake destroyed it in 1868. A wooden church replaced it. This church was moved […]

Mission Industry – Candle Making

Candles at the Missions were made from one of two materials: tallow or beeswax. Tallow candles were more common since Missions ran large herds of cattle there was always an abundance of animal fat (also known as tallow) which was used to make the candles. One steer could easily produce up to 100 pounds of […]

Mission San José Church Page 2

If you’ve been following the tour you just left the Church page which showed the three altars in the Mission Church along with all of their decorations. But, that’s only part of the beauty that makes up the interior of the Church. Here is the rest of the art and things you should see… The […]

Mariano Borja Painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe has a special place in the mission system. Because she appeared to natives in Mexico (9 and 12 December 1531; feast day 12 December) she was a model for the padres to hold up to the Indians. According to Msgr. Weber’s history the first church in all of California was dedicated […]

Mexican Governors of California

The Mexican era in California spanned 1821 through 1846. There were 12 different governors (15 periods of governance) in that period: 11 Apr-22 Nov 1822: Pablo Vicente de Sola Lifespan (1761-1826) 1822-1825: Luís Antonio Argüello Lifespan (21 June 1784 – 27 March 1830) **He is buried in the cemetery at the Mission in San Francisco. […]

Mission San José Museum Page 1

The museum at the San Jose Mission is one of the best. It uses eight rooms to great advantage to feature everything from Indian culture up to the 1985 reconstruction of the Mission Church. The selection of pictures and comments on this and the second museum page depicts but a small part of the whole […]