Mission San Diego Entry

San Diego Tour Map

The tour of this Mission starts outside the quadrangle. As you approach the entrance to the Mission gift shop look down the drive. You should see a cross in a circular area. This cross is in honor of Padre Luis Jayme who was the first martyr in California, having been killed trying to calm attacking Indians in 1775. The cross is on the spot where Padre Jayme was martyred; Padre Jayme is buried near the altar in the Church.

Padre Jayme Death Drawing

Picture taken 11:50am 23 Jul 2002

Memorial to Padre Jayme

Picture taken 12:20pm 23 Jul 2002

Proceed down the front of the Mission. Along the front Mission wall are nine statues. These represent the saints the nine missions Saint Serra established are dedicated to (they are behind grillwork that makes good pictures almost impossible).

At the other end of the Mission, in front of the Church, there is a small garden and a statue of Saint Serra.

Finally, between the Church and entrance to the gift shop are all the various plaques honoring the Mission and Saint Serra. Take some time to study them for their historical value.

San Diego Mission Bells and Serra Statue

Picture taken 12:20pm 23 Jul 2002

Now enter the Mission through the gift shop. If you wish, they have a taped guided tour of the Mission you can rent. The tape is well done and this tour will largely follow the same path that the tape would take you on (with a detour or two).

San Diego Serra's Quarters

Picture taken 11:05am 23 Jul 2002

From the gift shop you enter the quadrangle. Turn left and the door on your left is the entrance to the first rectory of California–the quarters where the padres, and likely Saint Serra, lived (#1 above). The fireplace was added in the late 1800s.

At this point the taped tour would have you enter the Church. For this tour, however, we’re going to proceed down the wall of the Church, past the door and visit the statue of Saint Didacus (#6 above). St. Didacus is the patron saint of San Diego by virtue of the visit of Sebastian Vizcaíno in November of 1602. He named the area after St. Didacus (San Diego) whose feast day is 13 November.

Saint Didacus Statue

Picture taken 12:05pm 23 Jul 2002