Mission San Fernando Cemetery

The San Fernando Mission Cemetery is the resting place for thousands of Indians. Don’t confuse it with the near-by Catholic Cemetery. You get to the cemetery by exiting the Church on the middle left side (facing the altar) door. Look left and you can see a cross with a dedication.

San Fernando Mission Cemetery Overview

Picture taken 2:30pm 13 Aug 2015

San Fernando Mission Cemetery Dedication

Picture taken 2:30pm 13 Aug 2015

The plaque reads…

In memory of the 2,425 Native Americans who were interred in this cemetery of San Fernando Rey de Espana between 1797 abd 1852. Anno Domini 1997.

Further to the left is one of the El Camino Real highway bells. It’s unlikely, however, that the road ran there but, instead, probably ran along the Convento.

San Fernando Mission Cemetery El Camino Real Bell

Picture taken 2:30pm 13 Aug 2015

The Bob Hope Memorial is just beyond the Cemetery. On return this is the view of the Church. Enter that door to continue your tour.

San Fernando Mission Cemetery Church Side Entrance

Picture taken 2:30pm 13 Aug 2015