Mission San Fernando Map

When you enter the Gift Shop, after parking and pay a nominal fee for entry to the mission proper, you will be given a map that looks just like this (click on the map for a larger view)…

San Fernando Mission Map

San Fernando Mission Map

The parking area is in the lower right. You enter the mission proper through the gift shop. The numbers on the map designate areas you might want to look at. These are linked below to appropriate pages on this site. (Note: My August 2015 visit was during a heat wave and it was 104-degrees in the parking lot. While I managed to see and photograph much of the mission I faded after a fairly short time and had to leave for home and air conditioning. That’s why not every item below has a link.)

Tour Areas

  • 1. Historical Museum. A pictorial history plus trade items and a basket collection.
  • 2. Mayordomo’s House. Home of the ranch foreman.
  • 3. Convento. More museum displays along with a now-open wine cellar display.
  • 4. The Madonna Room. Statues and depictions of the Blessed Mother.
  • 5. West Garden. Trees and a few items of interest.
  • 6. Statue of Fray Fermin Francisco de Lasuén. Founder of this mission and successor to Saint Serra as Presidente of the California missions. (Short Lasuén biography)
  • 7. Old Mission Church. The fourth church and exact replica of an earlier edifice from 1804-1806.
  • 8. Camposanto or Cemetery. Resting place for the neophytes and early settlers.
  • 9. Hannon Statue of Fray Junípero Serra. One of many statues donated by the Hannon Foundation. Rub the toe for luck. (Short Serra biography)
  • 10. Workshops. Pottery, blacksmith and other shop displays.
  • 11. East Garden. The flower-shaped fountain and other displays.
  • 12. Archival Center. Historical records for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.
  • 13. Bob Hope Memorial Garden. Resting place for the Hope family, dedicated on 27 July 2005.