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Feedback to MissionTour is appreciated. But, even so...


It's important that you understand MissionTour is the work on one person. I do not have brochures or other materials to send and have only been to the missions where pictures are posted. In short, everything I have to offer is posted on the site. I'm sorry but I cannot do your report for you and, in general, can't answer specific questions that are already answered on the site. Individual missions have their own sections and are all linked to the site's home page. Navigation through each section is through links at the bottom of each page. Some general information is available in the related links section of the site. And, do you need the author's name for a bibliography? If so, please see the citation page.

Other correspondence can be sent by addressing an E-mail to...

Feedback E-mail Address

...and please watch the typing as if not addressed correctly, the mail will be ignored by my system. Be certain to include the name of the mission you are asking about if the question/comment is specific to a mission.

As a tourist myself, I'm sorry but I can't answer questions about weddings, special events, local lodging, or other such questions. Please direct those to the specific mission involved. Contact information is on the main page for each mission.

Thank you! I'll get back to you ASAP.


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