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The chapel in the monastery will give you a sense of déjà vu when you enter it. As mentioned before, the chapel became the main church for the Mission after the latter was undermined by water running off the hill. When rebuilt, the church was modeled after the chapel; so the two look quite similar except that the chapel is somewhat smaller and much better lit.

Picture taken 1:00pm 21 Jul 2001

The altar is smaller and less decorated than the church but its basic form is the same. The pulpit is on the opposite side. Like the church, there are no pews as during mission times people attending services sat, knelt, or stood on the bare floor.

Chapel altar
Picture taken 1:00pm 21 Jul 2001

Chapel pulpit
Picture taken 1:00pm 21 Jul 2001

As with the church, mission era art hangs on the wall of the chapel.

Chapel art
Picture taken 1:00pm 21 Jul 2001

After visiting the chapel, proceed back into the sacristy. These rooms have been turned into a museum with various displays; a few of which are shown here.

Saints decorate the Mission in various places. Here we see one of the statues in a niche in the sacristy (none of the statues are identified).

Sacristy niche
Picture taken 1:00pm 21 Jul 2001

On display toward the back of the sacristy is an early Mission bell. This particular bell was cast in 1818 by Manual Vargas in Lima, Peru. The raised inscription around the bottom of the bell reads: "Mision de la Purisima de la Nueba California".

Early mission bell
Picture taken 1:00pm 21 Jul 2001

Other displays in the museum talk about mission music. Look closely at the bells in the background, a reconstructed version of these bells can be found on the altar in the church next to the clapper instrument. Also interesting is the mystery dish display. These dishes were found buried under the floor during reconstruction of the Indian barracks. Nobody knows why they were there or where they originally came from. Finally, one thinks of the Mission water supply as being entirely aqueduct. But, here you can see examples of clay pipe found at the site.

Mission music display
Picture taken 1:00pm 21 Jul 2001

Mystery dishes
Picture taken 1:00pm 21 Jul 2001

Clay pipe
Picture taken 1:00pm 21 Jul 2001

OK, that closes out the tour of the monastery.

Behind the monastery is the kitchen. Let's see that now...Trail


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