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I wasn't planning on having a miscellaneous links page as all the relevant links served as references and are linked on the applicable page(s). But, then I attended an art show in Morro Bay and found an artist who had done a complete series on the missions. They were excellent and I wanted to give him a link. Thus, was born the miscellaneous links page...

General Research Information

  • The California Mission Studies Association. This association is for the study and preservation of the California Missions, Presidios, Pueblos, and Ranchos and their Native American, Hispanic, and early American past. Their website: http://www.ca-missions.org/ contains significant information about general mission-related matters.

Mission Art

  • Leonardo Y. Nuñez. This artist has a complete series on the missions. They are available on the Internet and you can preview all of them via his Web site: http://www.realpixel.com/nunez/missions.html
  • Photographs by William Henry Jackson. During the late nineteenth-century, two important records of the missions were created--Henry Chapman Ford's etchings (1883) and William Henry Jackson's series of albumen photographs (1885-1890). The latter are linked at UCSD: http://orpheus.ucsd.edu/speccoll/missionsites/index.html

Mission Model Kits

  • California Mission Model Kits from Paper Models, Inc. These are paper models. You can purchase and download the model right away or you can order a printed kit.

Early California Population Project

  • The Huntington Library Early California Population Project provides public access to all the information contained in many of California's historic mission registers. This information is in a form so you can search for individuals and follow them from birth through death if they appear in the registers. Start here: http://www.huntington.org/Information/ECPPmain.htm


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