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Pieta Garden

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The Pieta Garden (area #4 above) features two major items: a Pieta statue and a mosaic Stations of the Cross.

The Pieta statue is similar to that carved by Michelangelo in Rome. There is a small walkway by the statue should you care to examine it closely.

Picture taken 11:45am 23 Jul 2002

The mosaic Stations of the Cross on the wall across from the Pieta are an abstract form which allows the viewer to fill in the details themselves. The colors represent the stages in the passion and death of Christ.

The first station has a yellow-orange cast; the yellow is designed to represent the cowardly behavior Pilate displayed. The next three stations in deepening shades of red represent the blood and suffering of Christ. The purples that follow are for passion and sorrow. These shade to the blue representing saddness and move to black signifying the death of Christ. Death's aftermath shows in grey and the final Station is in green to signify hope.

Picture taken 11:45am 23 Jul 2002

In case you've forgotten, the Stations of the Cross are:

  • One: Jesus is Sentenced to Death (yellow/orange)
  • Two: Jesus Takes His Cross (light red)
  • Three: Jesus Falls (medium red)
  • Four: Jesus Meets Mary, His Mother (dark red)
  • Five: Jesus is Helped by Simon (light purple-almost pink)
  • Six: Veronica Helps Jesus (light purple)
  • Seven: Jesus Falls a Second Time (medium purple)
  • Eight: Jesus Talks to Some Mothers (dark purple)
  • Nine: Jesus Falls for the Third and Last Time (light blue-almost cyan)
  • Ten: Jesus is Stripped (dark blue)
  • Eleven: Jesus is Nailed to the Cross (very dark blue)
  • Twelve: Jesus Dies on the Cross (black)
  • Thirteen: Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross (grey)
  • Fourteen: Jesus is Laid in the Tomb (green)

Beyond the Pieta Garden is the Padre Luis Jayme Museum.

Enter the museum Trail


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