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My initial visit to the mission was unplanned and short. Also, the day was overcast with a light mist at times. The pictures I did take are therefore quite flat and will generally be replaced on a later visit when, hopefully, the sun will be bright in the sky.

When you exit from the gift shop you enter into the main plaza. Featured in the center of the plaza is a large fountain. Beyond the fountain is the mission church. The fountain itself is flower-shaped and is a copy of a fountain from Cordova, Spain. The garden itself contains many and varied plants, trees, and succulents.

Plaza and Fountain
Picture taken 12:45pm 11 Mar 2001 (cloudy day)

On the left as you are facing the church is a building that originally housed the mission workshops. There are a number of interior museum displays in the various workshops. In the corner, in a garden nook, where the workshops and church meet is the Hannon statue of Blessed Serra. Don't forget to rub the toe for luck.

Workshops facing plaza  Hannan Serra statue
Pictures taken 1:00pm 11 Mar 2001 (cloudy day)

Most of the workshops have an exit from the main plaza (east garden) into the west garden area and here you can see the rear of the main church.

West garden and workshops
Picture taken 1:00pm 11 Mar 2001 (cloudy day)

Most of the doors in the mission area are swinging metal gates. That's to keep the famous Mission San Fernando peacocks out of the interior of the mission. If the peacocks are around when you visit please keep the gates closed!

Picture taken on a prior visit

In the west area, closer to the Convento is a partially-constructed adobe brick wall. This illustrates the way adobe bricks were used in the construction of various parts of the mission.

Adobe wall
Pictures taken 1:30pm 11 Mar 2001 (cloudy day)

And, up against the back of the Convento wall, across from the adobe wall, are some examples of old tools used in the mission days. Below is a picture of the grinding wheel.

Grinding wheel
Pictures taken 1:30pm 11 Mar 2001 (cloudy day)

To be continued on a later date...

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