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Mission San Miguel Arcángel

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Mission San Miguel
Picture taken 1:15pm 22 Apr 2001

Mission San Miguel Arcángel was founded 25 July 1797 (16th in order) by Padre Fermin Francisco de Lasuén. The mission is named for Saint Michael the Archangel. The Indian name was Vahiá (Vatica), or Chulam (Cholame). Many of the original decorations and paintings in the mission have survived until today. The decorations make the church appear much more ornate than it is. The "all-seeing eye of God" is above the altar. [The church was damaged in the 22 December 2003 San Simeon earthquake. It reopened September 2009 after extensive repairs.]

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The mission is at the South end of San Miguel, a small town about eight miles North of Paso Robles on U.S. 101. The address is 775 Mission Street (California Landmark 326) GPS coordinates for the entrance:  35°44'24"N 120°42'06"W.

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