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The cemetery dates from the origin of the mission. The first Indian burial recorded was 17 March 1798. Over 2,000 Indians were buried at the cemetery and associated plots. Padre Joseph Mut who served the parish from 1886 to 1889 is the only priest buried in the cemetery.

Shown here is the large cross located near the entrance. This statue was originally in the church itself.

Cemetery cross
Picture taken 2:30pm 22 Apr 2001

Located toward the back of the cemetery on the mission side is the mission belfry. The main 2,000-pound bell dates from 1888 and was cast from parts of older bells in San Francisco.

Picture taken 2:35pm 22 Apr 2001

Side gate from cemetery
Picture taken 2:35pm 22 Apr 2001

A small gate leads from the cemetery to the outside world.

Finally, on the way back look on the outer wall just at the front of the church. There you'll find the State of California landmark sign...

Landmark sign
Picture taken 2:45pm 22 Apr 2001

...which reads:

Mission San Miguel Arcángel

Selecting this site because of the great number of Salinan Indians living hereabout, Fray Fermín Francisco de Lasuén, O.F.M., second President of the California Missions, founded San Miguel Arcángel on July 25, 1797. The sixteenth in a chain of twenty-one Franciscan missions, its influence has played not only upon the native population, but upon the history of California as a whole.

California Registered Historical Landmark No. 326

Plaque placed by the California State Park Commission in cooperation with the San Luis Obispo County Historical Society and the native Sons and Daughters of the Golden West, parlors no. 150 and 94. March 26, 1966.


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