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2004 is the bicentennial year for Mission Santa Inés. I was at the rededication Mass on September 19th and the earlier August 15th Fiesta. A series of lectures, wine parties, dinners, and art shows were held earlier in the year, culminating in the rededication Mass on the 19th of September.

  • There are additional events planned through the rest of the year:
    • 16 October: Bicentennial Golf Tournament and BBQ
    • 28 November: Mass & Thanksgiving Celebration of the 80th Anniversary of Mission Capuchins
    • 5 December: Bicentennial Home Tour & High Tea

Bicentennial Fiesta

The Fiesta was held 15 August 2004 in the field next to the MIssion. A continuous stream of people were in attendance with booths and activities available to entertain all ages. During the hot Solvang afternoon the booth with the longest line was the one featuring sno-cones; the one with the shortest line was right next to it featuring salty popcorn[Smile]. You can get an idea of the size of the fiesta from the panorama below. It shows the Mission in the background and about half of the booths and kid's entertainment (bounce houses and more). The picture could continue to the left the same distance but then it would be too small to make out any detail at all. Needless to say, a good time was had by all who attended.

Picture taken 1:00pm 15 Aug 2004

Picture taken 12:45pm 15 Aug 2004

Picture taken 12:50pm 15 Aug 2004

Picture taken 1:15pm 15 Aug 2004

Bicentennial Rededication Mass

The Mass was part of a full weekend celebration from 17-19 September 2004. The procession and Mass were officiated by Cardinal Roger Mahony from Los Angeles.

Fr. Michael Mahoney, pastor of Mission Santa Inés started the celebration by greeting Cardinal Roger Mahony, Bishop Thomas Curry, local dignitaries and parishioners. This took place at the far end of the Mission grounds followed by a procession from there to the Church doors. The Soldados del Real Presidio de Santa Barbara let the procession of parishioners. They represented historic Spanish individuals of the period.

Picture taken 3:10pm 19 Sep 2004

Picture taken 1:30pm 19 Sep 2004

Picture taken 3:20pm 19 Sep 2004
While the procession made its way to the door of the Church Cardinal Mahony, Bishop Curry, and Father Mahoney went into the cemetery to perform a short private service to bless all those buried there, including all of the Native American Chumash who helped build the Mission. After that service Cardinal Mahoney met three Chumash women (left to right Rosa Pace, Luisa Salas, and Bea Marcoe) at the door to the Church for a ceremonial reopening of the Mission Church. This was followed by a blessing of those present.

Picture taken 3:20pm 19 Sep 2004

Picture taken 3:25pm 19 Sep 2004
During the service many gifts were brought forward and presented to the Cardinal and then the congregation. The Chumash representatives carried water from the Santa Ynez River and the Mission's early baptismal bowl. Other gifts brought forward represented the history of the Mission. They included Chumash art, an early baptismal record book, a monstrance from the late 1800s carried by grandchildren of Evelyn Hanley Fabing, the Mission's first sacristan. Photographs and even a bagpiper (Joe Dickerson) honored the Irish community of Capuchins who served the parish since 1924. (The Cardinal asked for a show of hands of those present who were parishioners in 1924 and two women raised their hands!)

Picture taken 4:10pm 19 Sep 2004
Cardinal Mahony finished with the celebration of the Mass itself (con-celebrated with Bishop Curry and other priests associated with the Mission and Capuchin community) followed by a number of presenters bringing up various proclamations and a personal thank you and well done with good wishes for the future to the present pastor: Father Mahoney.

Picture taken 4:35pm 19 Sep 2004

Picture taken 5:15pm 19 Sep 2004

Following the Mass everyone made their way outside for an evening of entertainment and supper.

Picture taken 5:40pm 19 Sep 2004

Local wine was part of the celebration and it was served in special Mission Santa Inés bicentennial wine glasses. Save these if you have one. Only 312 were made. (That's cranberry juice in the glass for the picture.)

Picture taken 9:30pm
19 Sep 2004
After all were fed, Father Mahoney took a well-deserved break in the kitchen to make himself a sandwich and recharge for the next 200 years.

Picture taken 6:40pm
19 Sep 2004


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