Trip Plans

History to date and plans: Mission Tour is now in a combination of research and planning and tourist visits. The Web site outline is complete and maps are present based on my trip research (these and the text posted with them may be modified once I actually get to the missions–but I believe they are […]

MissionTour Bookstore

A variety of books about the California missions are available in our bookstore. In cooperation with, I’m pleased to offer you these selections. (These are suggestions, not recommendations., like all other e-commerce sites, collects personal information as part of the purchase. Please read their privacy statement for details. Also note that purchases made […]

Two Forgotten Missions

While rummaging around in some old maps I came upon a 1956 AAA map of The Missions, Presidios, Pueblos and Some of the More Interesting Ranchos of Spanish California. I was surprised to see 23 Missions listed instead of the normal 21. The two additional Missions were near Yuma, in California by the Colorado River. […]

Children’s Books

This page concentrates mainly on books directed toward children (pre-teen). For Children (Age 9-12) “California Missions” Series Missions of the Central Coast by June Behrens (September 1997) Lerner Publications Company Missions of the Inland Valleys by Pauline Brower (September 1997) Lerner Publications Company Missions of the Los Angeles Area by Dianne MacMillan (September 1997) Lerner […]

Books About Specific Missions

There are two series of books about the missions. The first is the most current; the second dates from the late 1980s. Some of the books may be on back order or need to be ordered from the publisher by Their information page will indicate this. The “Missions Of California” Series Mission San Francisco […]

Hannon Foundation

William H. Hannon was a Southern California real estate developer known for his generosity to the Catholic community of that area. He graduated from Loyola University in 1937 and was also a Regent Emeriti and an Honorary Trustee to the university. He passed away, at age 86, on 4 November 1999. His legacy is administered […]