Mission Nuestra Señora de la Soledad

Mission Nuestra Señora de la Soledad was founded 9 October 1791 (13th in order) by Padre Fermin Francisco de Lasuén. The Mission is named for Our Lady of Sorrows. The Indian name was Chuttusgelis. The Mission was twice destroyed by floods and the third flood basically marked the end for the Mission. A small chapel […]

Mission Soledad Ruins

Walk to the end of the covered walkway in front of the padre’s quarters and look up; you’ll see this sign pointing you to the area of the Mission where the ruins are displayed. To repeat their caution about that area; these are original walls so please look but do not touch. The picture shown […]

Mission Soledad Museum

Flash photography is not allowed. The Museum and gift shop are in what was the west wing of the original quadrangle. An extensive archaeological dig in the 1980s found that this wing was the padre’s quarters. You enter the Museum through the gift shop. Each room, as you progress away from the gift shop, covers […]

Mission Soledad Church

Below you should see a rotating panorama of the complete inside of the Mission Church. You should be able to click on the panorama to stop the rotation at any point and then drag the mouse left, right, up, or down to see any specific area. If you have a mouse wheel, it should be […]

Mission Soledad Exterior

The present reconstruction of Mission Nuestra Señora de la Soledad includes the Church and one wing of the original quadrangle; the padre’s quarters and administrative center (click on the image to enlarge). The Church you see now is not sitting in the original position; that is at the opposite end of the quadrangle (to the right […]

Mission Soledad History

In Brief Founded: 9 October 1791 by Padre Fermin Francisco de Lasuén Named for: Our Lady of Solitude (Our Lady of Sorrows) Number in Series: 13th Indian Name: Chuttusgelis Brand: Detail 1769: On their march north to find Monterey, Captain Gaspár de Portolá and Padre Juan Crespí followed the Salinas River. They camped by the river […]