Mission San Miguel Map

The only map I have found so far is the basic tourist map shown here. A more complete mission map will be presented when found.

Tourist Map

From the parking lot you enter through the guest entrance gate and enter the gift shop. The museum entrance is off the gift shop and a donation is requested. The various rooms in the tour include:

  • 1. St. Michael’s Room. Dominated by a statue of St. Michael.
  • 2. Mission Model Room. Two mission models, a wine vat, and vestment displays.
  • 3. Garden Corridor. Interior garden views plus the sheep gate.
  • 4. Kitchen.
  • 5. Dining Room.
  • 6. Padre’s Bedroom.
  • 7. Living Room.

You exit from the living room into the arcade to tour the front garden. Then move into the church. Finally, around the front of the church you come into the cemetery.

Pictures of these areas and the items within are on the exterior and interior pages in this section.